MMORPG on Darkspore: Outside the MMO Box

Posted on  April 22, 2011 5:29 PM By  Maxis

"The truest charms of this game, however, come in the form of multiplayer.  There is support in the game for up-to-four player (that's twelve creatures) co-operative mode.  When I gave the single-player campaign a whirl, it was fun, but the deepest appeal of the game came out in spades the moment I had the opportunity to dive into the campaign with three of my fellow press members and we tore through the exotic countryside, decimating every suitably-Spore-looking creature that stumbled into our path.  This was fun by yourself, but running in a group was just a blast." - Drew Wood


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RPGFan Previews Darkspore

Posted on  April 22, 2011 5:25 PM By  Maxis

"Darkspore combines hack 'n' slash gameplay with Pokémon-esque hero collecting and customization, and this is where Darkspore might entice an entirely different sect of gamers... Darkspore's hack 'n' slash core gameplay will appeal to a horde of gamers, but the collectable heroes and customizable appearances will attract fans of Pokémon and other such RPGs. When I walked away from Maxis Studios, what stayed with me were the hero editor and squad mechanics. These whimsical additions make the game unique and more palatable than Blizzard's well-made, but rather sterile RPG offerings. Clearly, Darkspore is an action RPG made by a group that adores the genre. After meeting the developers, playing the game, and winning a PvP tournament, I can't help but be excited to play the game from the beginning, building my repertoire of heroes as I go, with the goal of holding PvP rematches in mind." - Kyle E. Miller

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Ten Ton Hammer Recap from Maxis Studios

Posted on  April 22, 2011 5:14 PM By  Maxis

Ethec takes an in-studio look at this surprisingly innovative action RPG:

"You'll march through maps called by names reminiscent of those in an ancient platformer (1-1, 2-2, all the way to 18-4, with ten “star” levels for each fourth major level), hot-swapping heroes (a la Braid) as you push through randomized maps as you might a dungeon crawler, but don't think you can clickety click and healpot your way to success. Darkspore is all about knowing your heroes and having fast tactical reflexes to match the ability and hero to the situation." - Ethec

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ZAM Checks Out Darkspore

Posted on  April 20, 2011 4:29 PM By  Maxis

ZAM Checks Out Darkspore Day at Maxis Studios

"With launch day just around the corner on April 26, alongside Darkspore's open beta just kicking off, Maxis decided to invite a few members of the press to its studio to show us what they've done with Darkspore thus far, and what we should all be looking forward to in this great game." -

Pwyff from Zam


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