NY Times Darkspore Review

Posté le  May 18, 2011 4:34 PM By  Maxis

Seth Schiesel from the New York Times wrote, "From your personal menagerie you assemble teams of three creatures. You control only one hero at a time, while the other two are “off the board.” But if, say, your quick, slashing guy is low on health, you can swap out tag-team-style for, say, a big, slow tank character (or a long-range “magic” character or whatever else). As in all games of this sort, the key to the playing is randomization. Every time you enter a battlefield, the foes will be a bit different, and, more important, the treasure they drop after they are defeated is random. The landscapes and characters look great, and the online networking has worked very well (which is to say, reliably)... Darkspore is by far the best game to come out of the Spore property. After all the hype, the franchise has finally delivered a real game worth playing."


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