Pre-Order Darkspore, Get Cool Stuff

Posted on  March 2, 2011 6:11 PM By  Maxis

The pre-order page is up! If you guys are enjoying the Beta, the best way to show your support for all the hard work of our small team is by pre-ordering. Nothing says “all your eDNA belong to us” like a pre-order.

Remember, pre-orders are guaranteed Limited Editions. What’s in the Limited Edition? A couple of cool things:

·         A special character unlock: you get Maldari early!

·         An exclusive armor pack: unique to pre-orders, these items will buff you up on Day 1.

Hit up the EA Store at http://www.darkspore.com/pre-order_en_us.php and pre-order your Limited Edition. Let the devs know you’re into the game in these last few (and brutal!) weeks before launch.

Check out Darkspore.com