RPGFan Previews Darkspore

Posted on  April 22, 2011 5:25 PM By  Maxis

"Darkspore combines hack 'n' slash gameplay with Pokémon-esque hero collecting and customization, and this is where Darkspore might entice an entirely different sect of gamers... Darkspore's hack 'n' slash core gameplay will appeal to a horde of gamers, but the collectable heroes and customizable appearances will attract fans of Pokémon and other such RPGs. When I walked away from Maxis Studios, what stayed with me were the hero editor and squad mechanics. These whimsical additions make the game unique and more palatable than Blizzard's well-made, but rather sterile RPG offerings. Clearly, Darkspore is an action RPG made by a group that adores the genre. After meeting the developers, playing the game, and winning a PvP tournament, I can't help but be excited to play the game from the beginning, building my repertoire of heroes as I go, with the goal of holding PvP rematches in mind." - Kyle E. Miller

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